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Web Marketing
Graphic Design
Software Development

We create the visual tools needed to communicate messages effectively. Nowadays communication applies to other fields ranging from...

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Create your

Is your corporate image strong and consistent?

Our job is to create visual communication tools in order to convey messages as simply and effectively as possible through the creative use of symbols, images, shapes and colours. Various channels of communication include...

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Let’s get

Keep your clients updated on all your social media networks

We can take care of your social media activities so you can take care of your business. Our social media strategy involves managing and monitoring the activities that a company should follow to meet its strategic objectives on the Internet channel.

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Your technical needs


We can take care of your business’ technical requirements, whether it be a website (static, dynamic, and mobile), software, web applications and/or hosting. We use the most up-to-date technologies that are appropriate for the projects we take on...

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Email us for assistance, information or support regarding our services..

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Qi Sport Brand

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Promoting your Land and the Innovation of Blog Tours
Promoting your Land and the Innovation of Blog Tours

Have you ever heard of a Blog Blog Tour or Blog Trip? Do not panic! We shall explain what it is.Blog Tours are initiatives dedicated to the enhancement and promotion of tourist locations and are usually miss under...

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Talking About Summer
Talking About Summer

Summer has arrived. It is the favourite season of many people, but all that glitters is not gold. I have had a good time making these funny illustrations to show the positive and negative sides of summer!...

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AdWords & AdSense: 2 Google Tools for Your Online Promotion
AdWords & AdSense: 2 Google Tools for Your Onl...

Not very well known, AdWords and AdSense are two Google services that can help you promote your brand across the web. Lets find out how they work.AdWordsHave you ever noticed that the first few links on a Google search result page ...

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10 Victoria Bridge Court, Victoria Bridge Road, BA1 3AY Bath UK

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Via A. Pozzo 23, 07026, Olbia (OT), Italy

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Lorenzo D’Andrea
Artist and Sculptor

I have known Rossana and Riccardo for a long time, I followed them in their studies around the world. They have grown a lot professionally. In their Sardinian work space with a lot of my artist friends we have started a valuable collaboration, a process of creative work. It is not difficult to forecast their success.

Richard Crallan
Crallan Family and Divorce Solicitors

dodify have provided us with dynamic, proactive and effective social media as well as great website services.

Marco Navone
Cinematavolara Festival Manager

I got in contact with dodify because I knew one of the team members, and I was immediately impressed by the professionalism and creativity of the company. I feel confident in recommending them to anyone, whether a job is small and simple to design or one that is on a larger scale. Great job, congratulations.