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2017-10-18 David Fancello posted:

Photographs are increasingly a part of communication.

In fact, all social networks always advise you to put photos in a post to make it more appealing and attractive. Users interact more with posts that contain videos and photos than a text-only post.

Customers of a business no longer get surprised by what they may experience on arrival, having checked reviews and pictures of the local business in beforehand.

Sometimes, however, you may be unable to find any content for a business, consequently losing interest. A good communication strategy for a business always starts from its design (we talk about interior design here). But what could be the special added touch? What leads a user to say, "Yes! I want to go to there!".

The answer is a Virtual Tour!

We at dodify, a website and graphic design studio in Olbia, are able to produce virtual tours for your company, whether it be a bar in Olbia, a shop in Porto Rotondo, a restaurant in Porto Cervo, a hotel in the Costa Smeralda or a boat moored in a port of Sardinia.

How do you create a virtual tour?

We do this by using:

  • A camera
  • A 360° panoramic tripod mount
  • A sturdy tripod
  • A "fish-eye" photographic lens (the type depends on the software used for the composition)
  • A photography software
  • A production software

The virtual tour below shows the inside of a sailing boat of our client Boomerang Charter:

As you can see, a virtual tour allows you to experience a reality. It's as if you were there!

From an emotional point of view, it's certainly effective, because it allows you to experience something real even without actually being there.

The Virtual Tour is completely interactive, easy to use and navigable. It is also responsive, so it can also be used in mobile devices.

Virtual tours can be easily implemented within your website.

If you do not have a website yet, but think that a virtual tour could be useful for your customers, we can create videos that will help with your business communication!

These videos, uploaded to Youtube or simply saved on a USB stick, can be projected on any TV or shared on your social network! They will not be interactive, but, rest assured, people will still feel involved!

Just out f curiosity: Have you ever tried a virtual tour through a virtual reality headset? It is a sensational experience!

If you want to give your customers a virtual tour experience, whether your business is a hotel in Costa Smeralda, a restaurant, a bar in Olbia, a shop in Porto Cervo, an activity at Porto Rotondo or a boat in Sardinia, contact us!

Call us at +39 348 235 42 77 or write an email to

The quote is free!


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