Parli italiano? Parlez-vous française? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? вы говорите по-русски?

It’s the classic question any tourist will ask when entering a new country. The same question could also be done by landing on a website.

That’s why we specialize in creating multilingual websites!

All our websites are designed to manage multiple languages, even using different domains.

Even the dodify website is written in two languages, hosted on two different domains:

Why have different domains for different languages?

According to Google Support, domains hosting only one language are indexed better, with the extension of the domain referring to the research country.

For example, a ".it" domain that contains a site in French will never be as well indexed as a ".fr" domain.

You may be wondering how difficult it can be to manage different content for each language.

It’s very easy with our custom built content management system, “doCMS”: you can manage all your websites in different languages by accessing one portal.

The most complicated part will undoubtedly be the actual content creation in different languages.

This is where our expert translators/copywriters who, starting from your mother tongue, will create content for each language chosen for the new multilingual website.

What languages do we translate?

If you have any questions about creating a multilingual and multi-domain website, contact us and come have a coffee in the studio!

To book an appointment you can call us or email.

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