It’s estimated that approximately 40% of the world population has at least one social media account that’s accessed at least once a month.

All major social media platforms have a suitable tool for targeted paid advertising.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, just to name a few, all have advertising tools to promote campaigns.

Advertising on social networks is different from paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM): the algorithm targets those who are not directly interested in a product or a service but who could become interested or need it. This kind of advertisement can reach a specific audience with extreme precision, by making targeted user-oriented advertisements, with specific interests, demographics, and preferences.

We can create social network campaigns for you, following their various guidelines.

There are different types of campaigns, depending on your needs: we can increase the number of followers in a business page, invite users to visit a page, ask about their preferences or increase the visibility of your brand.

Advertising on social media is not everything. To be effective it must contain the full picture.

Our social media advertising methodology (Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, Google+ AdWords, LinkedIn ads) consists of:

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