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Optimizing web pages in order to achieve business and / or professional goals in a fast and targeted way is something that many companies and professionals are turning to more and more often. In this particular approach we find the single page website, as well as our d1 - dodify's One Page website service.

This is a small but highly performing website, consisting of a single vertical scrolling page. The content inside is divided into sections, connected to each other through a fluid navigation system.

Generally you would opt for this solution to promote your business online, and in fact, d1 is perfect for supporting Social or Google sponsored promotional campaigns. These two tools side by side are able to give powerful feedback in terms of online visibility.

Promoting your business requires specific skills.

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DODIFY is able to offer you excellent solutions.

Dodify is an agency specializing in corporate communication. Our support to companies ranges from the design of brands that outlines the corporate identity, to the production of printed material useful for promoting local services and products, to the development of websites to reach foreign markets. Any message or communication must convey quality and professionalism. The DODIFY team follows all the communication of your business and finds a concrete solution for every business need. We work closely with our customers, learn about their goals and achieve concrete results. We study the most advanced technologies on a daily basis to trace new routes in the immense sea of communication.

We can create your minisite, the ideal showcase for all your business activity!

Trust our experts and try d1 - dodify's One Page website.

d1 consists of a single page site with a pre-set design, structured on the basis of information provided by the Client. The development of a d1 website generally includes the following content, which may vary according to business needs:

The write-up of all generic site text is included. The website is multilingual, set up to support up to five languages and has ‘Responsive’ navigation, that is adaptable to any device, both PC/laptop and mobile. Using the CMS (Content Management System tool that facilitates the management of website content) users can update the contents of the site in complete autonomy.

Why d1 - dodify's One Page website?

Due to the intuitive, fast, responsive interface and the most appropriate graphics, you can:

Like all One Page sites, d1 cuts down time and costs for implementation, making it suitable even for those on a limited budget.


A minisite also allows:

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An effective formula attentive to the current needs of the market, choose it too, choose d1!

Trust the DODIFY team, who are specialized in creating professional websites

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Why is it important to have a professional website?

Websites can help one’s company or profession engage with a very wide audience so they can quickly see the content and value.

This task can’t be entrusted to just anyone.

Analogous to someone who can communicate with ease having a better chance of sealing a deal, websites with effective communication also have higher chances of capturing customers’ attention.


Would you like professional support for your company?

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And what features should a professional website have?

Fast navigation: Given increasingly hectic times, we have very little time to linger in unproductive waiting! Furthermore, speed is a "ranking factor" for Google, which is how Google determines our position in search results.

Effective communication: knowing how to communicate clearly with users is a crucial step in convincing them to choose us over the competition, thus transforming them into full-fledged customers.

Modern design is eye-catching: Website design represents your business.

A curated website demonstrates the attention you reserve for your company, an action that customers translate into terms of the quality of your business.

The graphic design of our clients' websites is entrusted only to expert designers.

Structure from an SEO perspective: the organization in this sense is important so that it is possible to achieve the positioning objectives on Google and generate quality organic traffic.

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