Four reasons to choose online advertising over non-digital advertising:

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How important is it to communicate online today?

Digital advertising is a form of advertising messages, communicated through digital platforms, such as search engines, social networks and network sites.

For a business that wants to communicate its values ​​or promote its products and services, online advertising becomes an increasingly predominant choice, as well as the most effective and incisive tool for this purpose.

In current times, users expect any path of communication to be digitized, no matter how small or large your business is, the important thing is to be present!

Good digital communication, built through websites, social channels, and supplemented by banner ads that intercept web users, provide a strengthened image of the company and user trust will tend to increase.

How the advertising strategy is structured.

To be effective, a Digital Advertising strategy must meet at least four requirements:

Intercepting an audience interested in the product / service offered is the main objective of any advertising campaign!

In order to reach the potential customers of a brand, the advertisement is studied ad hoc on groups of users with similar or specific characteristics that best respond to a specific advertisement platform. To ensure that the user sees and performs an action on your ad, we choose the social channels, websites and platforms most appropriate to your business, where web traffic is greater, and also consider the best time slots.

We carefully select the keywords and use the most effective methods of engagement, analyzing the context of the market and the actions of the competition, thus trying to minimize the waste of resources. As said initially, you only spend when the user has seen the advertisement!

DODIFY can track every single action on your site, monitoring the data relating to clicks, the time spent, substantially following the behavior of the user and other parameters (eg adding to the cart, the number of subscriptions, the cost for each individual user, etc.), thus managing to maximize the return on expenses.

This, in more technical terms, translates into the analysis and monitoring of the ROI (Return On Investment), or the rate of return on the investment in advertising and / or communication, which measures the profit compared to the invested capital.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as Search Marketing, is that sector of Web Marketing that processes and monitors the progress of online visibility of websites on various search engines.

Search Marketing aims to generate traffic, optimizing the investment.

These are usually so-called "Pay per Click (PPC)" advertising campaigns, ie you pay only when the user clicks on the ad, optimizing costs.

Advertising on Google.

If we talk about online advertising on search engines, we cannot help but mention Google.

“Google Ads” is Google's dedicated platform to create and publish personalized advertisements. To set up an Adwords campaign most effectively, however, it is highly advised to contact a marketing professional to make the most of every opportunity offered by this tool; a campaign that, if well planned, allows to reach the target audience with precision.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Every day, millions of active users on Facebook and Instagram provide information on their likes and preferences within the largest social platforms in the world!

Thanks to social networks we can address a wide audience, tracing a socio-demographic profile and, no less important, the psychographic one that allows us to detect the user's personality, allowing us to get closer to their world and to allow them to get closer to ours, in an attempt to establish a fruitful relationship for both parties.

This procedure, also called "profiling", consists of analyzing data made available by various online service providers, a collection of data made possible thanks to the formal consent that we express in all circumstances; whether it is by registration on a social network or the simple use of the mobile phone.

Although the logic of advertising on social networks and that on search engines are quite similar, the messages sent out should be dependent on the platform used and appeal to the specificities of the demographics; for this reason it is necessary to contact an expert in web strategy and analysis, or that professional figure updated on the techniques and tools indicated for this purpose.

DODIFY offers services of carrying out effective marketing campaigns for our clients.

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