While browsing the web, web banners are present almost everywhere, especially on online newspapers and other relevant sites that are able to generate substantial user traffic.

Web banners are a useful tool to help with visibility, if properly designed and positioned.

Those who surf the Internet are looking for useful information and do not like being distracted by advertisements that have no relevance to their browsing activity. To overcome this problem, your banner must be published on an appropriate site, be eye-catching and communicate a precise message, through images and a few words, that will entice the user to click the banner to learn more.

Our web banner services include a preliminary analysis of the sector and type of product or service to be promoted. We then evaluate what website would be the most suitable for publication to better target your potential customers.

Following the analysis, we move on to the design phase in which we convert the initial idea into an engaging personalized banner that invites the user to click on the web advertisement.

Web banners contain three main elements:

We advise you to carefully evaluate the length of the message you want to transmit through the web banner because the user will spend only seconds looking at it.

t is essential to establish a hierarchy, both in terms of dimensions and colours; the main text must be extremely clear, while the secondary text is only read by those who are really interested in the product or service.

We create effective web banners, static or dynamic, of any size to support your company's promotional campaign.

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