As mentioned in a previous article, within a business or company we find the graphic work of a professional who, with the purpose of involving the customer, creates images or ad hoc messages for that space.

Within that activity, the synergy between graphic design and interior design is very strong and thanks to this relationship comes Retail Design (commercial design).

The topic of commercial design is perhaps one of the topics that I care most about. It is one of the fields that makes room for fantasy, where I have the ability to tailor-make and create everything from scratch.

Retail Design means the design of commercial spaces such as shops, restaurants, bars, offices and professional studios. When dealing with clientele, with an audience, with someone you need to satisfy and accommodate, it is crucial to turn to a professional.

Retail design in Olbia

At the beginning of the 20th century a famous interior designer once said: "If you have good taste and you know exactly what you want, you do not need a decorator".

True! But as much as one can be sure of their goals and have good aesthetic taste, one cannot appreciate or know a space and their needs better than an industry professional.

Being a good designer means first and foremost, understanding and studying the critical features of a space, its functions and needs.

That is why a design professional is so important; anyone, even if they have good taste and aesthetic sense, would not necessarily know the best solution and could miss technical aspects to make a functional environment.

In a commercial business the most important aspect is the service, whether in the food and beverage industry, fashion, or a different kind of professional, the quality of customer experience is paramount.

Part of everything from the client psychology that will have to interact in that space; a Designer has the task of making this experience more enjoyable, easy and positive.

If you are comfortable in a bar or shop, your customer experience will be better: you will be well versed in your sales representative, will be more curious about the merchandise, will have be more inclined to eat a good meal.

Retail design in Olbia

How do you achieve this goal?

Priority must be given to the identity of the business, it is necessary to have consistency between the internal space, external messaging, corporate image and the business’s products.

It starts, as in all projects, from the concept of what the room should convey. The furniture, the floors, the room’s presentation - all must be realized in a single aesthetic coordinated with graphics, logo and gadgets.

Commercial design is the base of sales marketing rules.

The designer must study the the business’ products, study the flow within the space, understand how to move the customer between the display shelves and how everything should be placed to make the shopping experience better.

Did you know that there are different types of flow for different sales activities?

The flow within a space and the layout of its elements has its purpose: it should give the customer a certain feeling and should facilitate customers to find one or more products.

The layout of a store can facilitate what is called 'compulsive shopping'. A customer who goes into a shop to buy a single product and comes out with a lot more in his shopping car was surely a "victim" unaware of a well-studied scheme in the shop display.

You have to look at your premise as the face of your business, present it at its best, and your customers will be happy to enter, spend, feel comfortable and return.

In a city like Olbia the concentration of restaurant activity is very high, especially with inhabitants/bars. Nevertheless, the conception of the importance of image and sales in a commercial business is increasingly improving.

A useful image makes it possible to improve the performance and services provided in the commercial premises. It starts with a consultation, an image-change evaluation or local interior design elements, and then goes through a real renovation.

Choosing the style you want to give to your space is the first step: this will give a free interpretation to the clientele about your industry and consequently the experience that they will have.

How about a 30's style bar, with a touch of red velvet in the couches, vintage mirrors, and a recycled parquet floo? Or think about the impression a clothing store with black resin flooring, white optic walls, indirect LED lights, black bedroom blinds and shelves for steel and glass showings will leave?

Retail design in Olbia

Surely in a vintage and hot room the customer will feel comfortable, will want to have a drink or a coffee in those soothing sofas, will experience a new experience thanks to the quaint place and will recommend it to friends.

Inside an ultra-modern, cool, bright and spacious clothing store, customers will find it easy to spot exposed products, and with the right showroom lighting, will enjoy previewing an outfit in front of a mirror. Surely they will come back for future shopping!

The establishment’s style must be decided on the basis of the brand and its meaning. The name is the customer’s first impression; it must be chosen carefully because that will affect the final image. The logo, colours, and images will be the roots of the style that will be brought back to the design of the room’s space.

To have a successful business you have to think globally, starting with the details of the brand, through to the design and functionality of the space.

This is the most correct form of promotional marketing for a company.

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