The new site of TourToB is finally online, this is a new initiative which we are pleased to be partners of.

TourToB is a new initiative created to promote tourism in Sardinia. With TourToB we want to make use of the potential of blogs and social networks to promote the area of Sardinia. For this reason our motto is "let's share our land". We want to promote the landscape, the culture and the island culinary traditions which are all unfortunately still not valued enough for tourism purposes.


TourToB wants to give a chance to Sardinia to redeem itself, to get more space on the web, with the help of recognized bloggers (travel, food, lifesytile blogger) who are fundamental for tourism promotion and becoming ever more involved in local marketing activities.

The bloggers will be invited to participate in blog tours to learn about the rich culture, landscapes, food and wine, crafts and folk, of Sardinia so they can write about the experience on their blogs. The tours will be as close as possible to a real travel experience so that bloggers get to know the real Sardinia. For the main part away from the beautiful coast, the blog tours will be organized mainly in the interior of the island territories, to promote a different kind of experience rich in history.

Companies interested in promoting tourism in Sardinia or its activities and products can sponsor the event by joining one of the packages offered.

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