"EFFIMERA reflects the apparent solidity that is not present in raw materials which have been made into art. Old wood found in abandoned factories and left to degrade in the mud, broken plastic with faded colours from the sun, clay that would easily break at the slightest touch. Just like with life, they indicate only one truth: death. They represent the current day that slowly fades off in the tomorrow and the past that re conquers a moment of the future. It’s nature that does not want to die but on the other hand shows itself in different renovated forms." These were the words of artist Donatella Ceria when she was asked to explain the significance of her exhibition which was carried out at Centro Culturale "Luigi Russo", Pietrasanta.

By working closely with the artist we have managed to carry out a particularly complex project that started from designing the logo and ended with setting up the exhibition. We spent a considerable amount of time in the initial phases of designing the logo which then enabled us to propose a final image that effectively incorporated the meaning the artist wanted "EFFIMERA" to transmit. We then also designed a number of additional variations of the logo which nicely fitted on all the relevant material.

A lot of attention was also put into the pamphlet which contained the entire visual journey the visitor would see whilst visiting the exhibition alongside personal comments and explanations of the artist.

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