We’re extremely proud to announce the launch of our new website. After months of design and making many, many drafts, we are happy to unveil dodify’s improved fresh and modern look. For those new to dodify here’s a quick glance of what we had previously:

Old dodify website

Whilst creating our first professional website for our business we wanted to convey two main messages:

1. Creativity
2. Simplicity

The website has been well-received but in an age where mobiles are starting to dominate the way people use the internet we soon came to realise the necessity of modifying our website to be mobile-friendly and keep up to date with the fast-changing ways websites operate most efficiently. So what have we done?

One-page sites are the latest rage and consumers seem to like seeing everything on one page. So that’s what we’ve done! Everything you need to see is right on the homepage. Feel free to browse around to get even more information but our homepage offers a one-stop-shop that highlights everything you want to know about dodify!

Our developer, Michael, has stayed up until the early hours of the morning to create dodify’s own Content Management System (CMS). Thanks to Michael, anybody with access to the CMS can easily modify the website’s text, upload blog items and make simple changes that don’t require us to know how to program and develop. Ah, what a stress-free life! Not only does the CMS benefit us, but clients will also have the option to use our custom CMS. Of course the CMS has many other features like full multi language support, caching for performance, SEO optimized by default and many more… let’s talk about it in another post.

The website has been designed to comply with current website standards, something we keep in mind every time we embark on a new project.

Our inspiration:

We love Pinterest...I mean, really, really love it! In dedication of how much we love Pinterest we decided to design our Portfolio page to mimic the pins you would see on Pinterest. This is the page we are most proud of and think this is a fun and unique way of showing you our past projects and completed work, what do you think?

Portfolio page

Our teal theme colour was inspired from our love of the sea. The dodify team is split between two islands, while half the team resides in beautiful Sardinia, where the sun shines brilliantly for the majority of the year and the turquoise water sparkles like crystals, the other half resides in England, where one learns not to take the rare sunny days for granted and taking a dip in the ocean is an activity fit for only the bravest of souls! Of course even the UK has secret places, like the wonderful blue colored waters of Cornwall...

The logo: dodify’s logo was created from the ground up. Well, to be more precise, the logo was created from the fish up! A nice little fish came out of the logo, we won’t disclose its meaning just yet, but we can assure you it has one.

dodify logo in the planning Rossana creating the dodify font

Now that we’ve gotten our own project off the ground, we can help you with yours! What do you to think of the new website? We welcome all suggestions and feedback. Leave us some thoughts in the comments below or feel free to email us at [email protected].

Ciao, see you soon!

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