I’ve been addicted to Pinterest for awhile now and I don’t think my addiction is going to show any signs of fading anytime soon.

Pinterest is a really simple content sharing service that lets members “pin” images, videos, and other content to pinboards they’ve created. I love it because it’s so simple to use. One click and your item is on your board! Here are the main advantages of Pinterest:

1. Its simplicity
2. Non-invasive – All you’re posting are your interests. There isn’t any need to release any personal information and allows you to post content either for your own personal interest or to share with friends and the general public
3. Multifunctional – I’ll get into this further below, but Pinterest holds many functions that can benefit you in both a personal and professional level

When I first signed up for Pinterest it was merely as a way to organise things I liked and it was for my own personal use. I pinned pictures of hairstyles I liked, places I want to travel to, books I’m interested in reading etc. I love it because items you bookmark on your computer, write down on scraps of paper or make a mental note to come back to are, all of a sudden, so easily accessible, thanks to Pinterest!

Hazel’s Pinterest board

You can branch out your Pinterest use beyond just personal interests as well. When my friend announced her engagement I created a board to pin wedding ideas. On the board you’ll find pretty jewellery, flower arrangements, centrepiece ideas, bridesmaid dresses, wedding cake ideas and so much more. Pinterest allows you the option of inviting others to pin onto your board as well so I invited the other bridesmaids to input their ideas. Instead of sending emails back and forth with all our ideas I simplified our lives by having one place to go to and it has made wedding planning so much more fun!

Pinterest wedding board

Businesses, listen up! Although Pinterest likely started off as just a personal tool it has now become so powerful and influential that it would be worth your while to see how you can benefit from using it. If your business is product-based the marketing potential is massive. By posting pictures of your product and linking to your website it allows you to spread the word to a huge population. Although product-based businesses may find it easier to use Pinterest as a promotional tool due to its visual appeal, service-based businesses should consider this method as well - read on...

Business Tips:

1. Before you invest too much time in Pinterest check to see if your business is a match for the social tool. Currently, the majority of users are women (68% according to full service agency Modea) and many people use it to post “pretty” things, generally having to do with DIY projects, food, travel, fashion, and décor. Don’t be too put off though. Social media is a constantly evolving tool and with a bit of creativity you could make it work for you!

2. Don’t use it just to promote your products or services. As tempting and easy as it may be to pin items that are solely related to your business you need to remember that Pinterest is a social tool and it is important to engage with your users. Find ways to connect with them and keep them interested in following your company. If you are a clothing designer create boards that show where you get your inspiration from and pin new fashion tidbits. If you have a yoga studio you can pin pictures of your school and students, but also think about creating a “tips” board to advise people how to properly clean their mat, what the best time to do yoga is (is there one?? I’m curious..), or something related to the yoga lifestyle, such as healthy foods to replenish the body. The ideas are endless- you just need a little bit of creativity!

3. Invest time into your boards. As with other social media tools you need to keep your pins at the quality your followers expect from you. It’s quality, not quantity that is more important here, so even though you may have the urge to go pin-crazy make sure you keep the expectations of your audience in mind when posting a pin.

4. Link it all together. Simple advice – point your other existing social networks to Pinterest to help with the interest generation.

What are you waiting for? Go on, get started! Pinterest is still operating by invite only so you can either request one from their website or a Pinterest friend, like dodify! Contact us to request a Pinterest invitation from dodify. If you are a small business who is interested but don’t have the slightest clue where to start please contact dodify, as this is one of our services.

Happy Pinning!

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