Have you ever heard of a Blog Blog Tour or Blog Trip? Do not panic! We shall explain what it is.

Blog Tours are initiatives dedicated to the enhancement and promotion of tourist locations and are usually miss understood. During these initiatives Travel Bloggers visit various locations, hike, discover traditions, taste traditional dishes and report a true experience to their readers. It's a real trip to discover landscapes, villages, museums, flavours, local crafts, local businesses and everything that characterizes a region or a city.

During the event, the bloggers communicate their travel experience to their followers on social networks, sharing pictures and comments using a “storytelling” technique. They will successively also post their stories on their blogs.

Blog Tour

Why are Travel Bloggers having an increasingly greater success? It's because on their blogs they tell the story of a true experience whilst transmitting their emotions, feelings, and information by sharing photos without however omitting any useful planning details about their trip. The content posted online is indexed by search engines and therefore useful to those seeking information wishing to travel in the same location or resort.

The engagement and visibility on social networking sites and search engines in regards to travel blogs can be very high. A followed blog may have more than 50,000 visitors and more than triple that number in page views in a single month.

For these reasons, travel blogging events have become popular to raise awareness of territories, towns, parks and places of culture undervalued tourism.

The blog tour generally takes place over several days, a week or more often just over a weekend and rarely over just one day. They are organized in different ways depending on the objectives, those who organize them, the budget and what territory or region is being promoted. Some tours, in fact, can be more focused on food tourism or thematic itineraries. Sometimes they are organized, for example, as single evening tasting events, or as visits to wine cellars or small dairy food businesses.

Depending on the type of the initiative specific travel bloggers who specialize in certain subjects or places may be invited: for example bloggers who specialize in low-cost vacations, ecotourism or those who prefer vegetarian cooking. Sometimes just food bloggers and photo bloggers are asked to take part.

Our first piece of advice? Do not choose the bloggers based only on the number of followers on social networks, but also for the way they write and tell a story. Many bloggers are very good at conveying their emotions and engaging with their audience and may have a blog with few posts but of "higher quality" providing useful information and details about their trip.

dodify has began collaborating with some bloggers and travel bloggers to organize blog tours. Do you need some more information? Would you like us to explain how it works in more detail? Contact us!

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