Sheffield is a city in South Yorkshire with over 500,000 inhabitants. We found it very easy to visit and to find cheap overnight stay. The city has very modern architecture and ordered street art, with a wide range of art galleries to visit.

Walking through the streets of the city we were lucky enough to find an amazing graphics art lab called APG Works located within a former cutlery factory. Fascinated and intrigued we asked permission to visit the studio and we were greeted in a more than friendly manner by Rupert Wood who guided us in the laboratory showing us all the work. An incredible synergy between artists and printers perform elaborate modern art screen printing techniques which are then framed and displayed in the exhibition space always located within the old factory. A wonderful experience worthy of being shared...

York is fantastic. We were enchanted by the centre, the characteristic houses with exposed wood beams and uneven walls, narrow alleys and the small markets, the immense cathedral York Minster. We would have also liked to visit many of the lively pubs we saw along the roads, but unfortunately we did not have time. However I am sure we will be back again.

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