The ‘Red Boat’ contest has officially begun. We are helping our friends of Tavolara’s Film Festival with promoting the event and the launch of a photography contest. Cinematavolara is a not-for-profit event that takes place annually where film lovers can go to Tavolara Island to watch the latest indie movies under the starry sky for free. The organisation has set up a crowdfunding project via Indiegogo to help raise funds to make the experience as memorable as possible for movie-goers – all donations are greatly appreciated! More information can be found on the Tavolara Film Festival Facebook page.

The contest

Contest rules: Take a picture of the Film Festival’s red boat and post on your Facebook page, tagging ‘Festival del Cinema di Tavolara’. The most creative submissions will win great prizes! These boats have been scattered all around Olbia and surrounding area, but if you want to make your own please view the instructions below:

Download the pdf file:

Step 1

Print on A4 (21x29,7cm) page number 1, re use the same sheet to print page number 2 on the back. Make sure both sides of the print are nicely aligned.

Step 2

There will be a lot of white space on the borders, don’t worry, that is expected! As a reference point take the red corners that have the “tira qui” labels and cut away all the white border.

Step 3

Follow the steps to create the red boat. It is not difficult!

Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8

Be creative, take a photo of your little red boat and you might win the contest!

Step 9

Post the photo on your wall and tag "Festival del Cinema di Tavolara".

Step 10

And please make a donation if you would like ;)

You can donate on the Indiegogo page of the Festival.

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