Graphics are everywhere! We see forms and symbols every day: on road signs, in supermarket packaging and product labels, in instructions, in daily newspapers and magazines, and in software interfaces. Everywhere. Everything we see is a result of the work of designers, who dedicate their time to creating things to help with the lines communication.

Environmental Graphic Design

There is one aspect - or sector - of graphic design that particularly fascinates me, and that is setting up the retail space. In 2013 dodify undertook this type of project with our colleagues, interior designers Silk ’n Velvet.

This kind of graphic design involves elements surrounding both the internal and external environment. Even in commercial or business activities can we find graphic symbols and information involving users.

Environmental Graphic Design Environmental Graphic Design

These can be decorative changes where creativity often comes into place along with stylistic choices of furniture in line with the chosen theme. For some companies, especially larger ones, it is important to respect the brand and corporate image, including its shapes and colours, and to choose the right materials for the graphics. The purpose is to create welcoming and engaging spaces devoid of personality and character and to enhance the business’ activities.

Environmental Graphic Design

Here are some projects developed thanks to a partnership between dodify / Silk 'n Velvet, where Interior Design and Graphic Design meet: Design of Olbia Airport Club Lounge and lounge area dedicated to the basketball team Dinamo Basketball Lounge, both inside Olbia Costa Smeralda.

We access people’s emotions through the use of light and shadow, shapes and colour, and we create unique spaces in offices, shops, bars, and restaurants. This allows our clients to have better experiences and to become more connected to our brand.

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