With the beautiful Cornish landscapes to our backs we arrived in Bournemouth, where, once arrived, we headed instinctively back on the train to Cornwall. Despite Bournemouth is facing the Poole Bay in front of which lies the Isle of Wight - known tourist destination - our first impression was a very gray city, busy and very chaotic.

Next stop Portsmouth. Most of the city lies on an island called Portsea Island. With a little struggle we finally found accommodation for the night and whilst walking around the city the next morning we realized that most of its attractions are related to its naval history, among which are the HMS Victory and HMS Warrior once warships and now used as museum ships, and the Spinnaker Tower with a modern architecture located on the waterfront with its 170 meters of height.

Next Brighton, even here we struggled to find accommodation because of the many reservations at the Gay Pride parade planned for the weekend. We walked towards the waterfront and we were faced with huge red flag hoisted at the beaches due to strong wind and ocean waves up to two feet high. Not far from the centre, in a park, sheltered from city chaos, we saw the Royal Pavilion.

The next day we woke up at dawn to go to London...

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